Offer deals

Group (daily) deals are one of the most productive ways a local business can generate new customers. Until now, if you wanted to run a deal in your area, you’d need to contact one of the deal sites. You offer a deal at 50% off and of that you get to keep 50% or less. Your end result? 25% or less of the original price.

Even though we have extensive experience coordinating deals on behalf of clients we don’t think those numbers are reasonable. We set out to create a platform clients can offer their own deals on. And keep almost all their hard-earned revenue.

Now you have 2 choices:


  • Fully functioning deal site branded to your business with your logo
  • Zero cost upfront
  • 18% of all purchases
  • Includes 3% merchant fee for credit card processing


  • Custom deal site to closely match your main website branding
  • $250 customization fee
  • 8% of all purchases
  • Includes 3% merchant fee for credit card processing

In either case, we can set up your deals for you.

Still not sure why? – Here are the benefits of our solution compared to current deal sites:

  • Stand out – Deal site can be customized to have the same look and feel as your main website.
  • Stay in control – You can decide what discount to offer (most deal sites currently mandate 50% or more).
  • Save $$$ – Now you don’t have to give up 50% of your revenue to offer deals to customers.
  • Expand your eCommerce – You can set up deals to offer products or services that tend to be consumable